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Passing a value during the second connection

06-16-2023 09:57 AM
New Contributor II

Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble with a rule in Arcade.

I want the cable number to be written in the "Incoming Cable" field when connecting a cable to a network distributor. This has been achieved with the following function:

if($feature.HAUPTKABEL_BEZEICHNUNG != 'HK') { return }

var nvt = FeaturesetByName($datastore, "TelekommunikationDevice")
var i_nvt = First(Intersects(nvt, $feature))

if(i_nvt == null) { return }
return {
    edit: [{
        className: "TelekommunikationDevice",
        updates: [{
            globalID: i_nvt.GlobalID,
            attributes: {HAUPTKABEL_ANKOMMEND: $feature.HAUPTKABEL_NUMMER}


Now, I also want the second cable number to be transferred to the network distributor when connecting a second cable, specifically in the "Outgoing Cable" field. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at this point.

Can someone help me?


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