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Partnered collaboration - is it possible to add an extra new organization to an an existing partnered collaoration

01-25-2022 02:18 AM
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It is easy to setup up a partnered collaboration when you know the organizations who will participate beforehand. But I cannot find information to add a new organization to an existing partnered collaboration.



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Do you mean you wish to add another user from a different Organization account to your Organization? Or are you looking for a way to merge two different Organization accounts to one?

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Hi @shan_sarkar ,

thanks for your reply. No, it is after setting up a partnered collaboration. Users will be added to a group that is created when the partnered collaboration is setup. 

but when a partnered collaboration in setup and in place, it seems impossible to add another organization to this collaboration and than of course users from that organization could be added to the collaboration group.

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Did you ever solve this? I'm trying to add a new Partner Organization to an existing Partner Collaboration and am not finding a solution. 


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