Organizing/Managing Domains in ArcGIS Online

07-21-2021 11:00 AM
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I have a bit of a functional, organization question. Is there a good way to edit/organize domains for the datastore being used in ArcGIS Online? I ask because when we create data and new layers for our portal, I like to use the same domains for fields in different layers that record similar, but not the same information.

In the past, when attempting to publish data using the same domains from desktop applications such as Pro or Map - I've run into issues with it not respecting the domains I set, or creating a whole new list of domains specific to that service, even though its for a field that's recording the same type of information just in a different layer. Its probably a workflow problem on my part, but I'd like to be able publish new layers and assign the same domains and domain codes from one to the other - without the service creating new domains of its own.


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I don't think that you can, unless I've missed something. The DataStore that your hosted layers are kept on is a step removed from you, and editing things at the database level is not possible.

I think that this would be a great enhancement to the hosted datastore, however. You should propose this as an idea! I can't count how many boolean fields I use across my org. Being able to have a predefined "yes_no" integer domain would be a major time saver.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS