Optimize Enterprise Portal web services for GeoEvent driven dynamic data

07-31-2019 09:10 AM
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I have a GeoEvent service that updates a feature layer hosted on our Enterprise Portal every 30 seconds or so.  On our ArcGIS Online org, I consume the web service as a layer within a web map that refreshes the layer every minute.  That web map is consumed in an Operations Dashboard app online.

I'm having a problem with latency when the map has to redrawn.  All the other layers, that are hosted layers on ArcGIS Online draw quickly, but the web service hosted on our Enterprise Portal takes a good 15 seconds to draw on the map.

Currently, the internal Enterpise Portal web service is only available inside our organization's network, so it's not related to our security infrastructure.  I'm looking for ideas to configure the web service to optimize performance.  Usually I'd go straight to cache to solve my problem, but this is a data set that gets updated every 30 seconds from a GeoEvent service so I'm looking for alternatives.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Tyler Kiehle‌,

Do you see the see the performance issue when loading the service from the REST endpoint as well, or only in the ArcGIS Online Web Map? I would also check out the following documentation on tuning services: Tune and configure services—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise

Hope that helps,


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