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04-27-2021 02:01 AM
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Hi everyone,

i'm trying to create an Operation Dashboard.

i wanna display the map and some list and charts aside that. So far so good, now i want link the list with the map, all work if I've imported the layers as feature ones but the problem is that is extremely slow, otherwise if I import layers as Map image it's quicker enough but there's no way to connect the list with the map. 

so i've two questions:

1)  is there any restriction on link list/chats with the map image layer?

2)  is there a way to improve the velocity if I use feature layer?


Thanks a lot in advance,


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  1. If the service has enabled data access, you can make a chart, but getting the chart to link to the map may depend on other settings. In general, even when I can get a map image to link between a chart and map, the behavior is inconsistent. Best to go with a Feature Layer if you want to pan / flash / filter on the map.
  2. There are lots of ways to improve the speed, but it will really depend on your situation and the intended use of your dashboard.
    • Set scale visibility limits on the layer
    • Set a filter on the chart / list item to only show a subset of important items
    • Have the list / chart filter based on the map extent
    • Define a layer view and set an AOI / view definition
    • Use a Map Image layer at small scales for display purposes, but switch to features once you zoom in further

What does your layer look like, can I ask? And what are you making the dashboard for? There might be other ways around this, depending on the specifics. And are you working in AGOL or Enterprise?

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Thanks for your answer.

I should create an application for road intervention that could help visualize all of them, able to filter on some particular field. For a small scale I wanna see a polygon layer but if I zoom out I displayed as Point. At the moment that I start to zoom in and the polygon appears, start to go slowly.

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