Only basemap is visible in embedded map

01-14-2020 09:47 PM
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When I embed my map in an external site, the layer I'm looking to show is completely absent and only the basemap can be seen. Both the map and layer have sharing on for everyone. How do I fix this? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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Hi Rachel Profeta‌ - 

My first thought is that maybe anonymous access is not enabled in the ArcGIS Online organization? If you do want to leave anonymous access enabled, be sure to change the URL to instead of <yourOrg>

Reference: Embed maps, apps, and groups—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

Hope this helps,


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Hi Rachel Profeta‌,

   I'm having the same issue! ESRI Support couldn't help me because it's a third-party website. Did you ever figure it out?

My issue: hosted feature layer (ArcGIS Online) won't show up in storymap basic app embedded in civicplus website

 - across Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer

 - everything is public

 - anonymous access enabled in AGO org

 - everything over https

 - thought custom symbology was issue, still happening with built-in symbology

 - URL for embedding is

 - can see it fine in just the app:, just not when embedded: (Find a Senior Cafe tab) 

 - no errors showing up in browsers' dev tools

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