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Offline Hosted Feature Layer Replica

05-04-2023 05:30 AM
New Contributor III

Is there any workflow for bringing a hosted feature layer offline to make edits in a file geodatabase to utilize attribute rules in ArcGIS Pro then sync the changes back to the hosted feature layer?

I have seen the ability to create replicas in the rest directory but can the file geodatabase be synced back? When I tried to use the create replica to make a file geodatabase the only option for sync model was 'none'. I have tried the update data tool on a hosted layer overview page, it appends and updates features but does not handle deletes.

Is overwriting the entire hosted feature layer the only method to do this?

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MVP Regular Contributor

I don't think replicas or working offline will do what you want.

You can take alternative workflows to generate the values you desire and edit them. Such as Arcade or Python on the published layer.

If you must use attribute rules and an offline file geodatabase you could:

  1. Export all or some of the features to a file geodatabase
  2. Add the attribute rules; or
    • Append the extract data into an existing file geodatabase with the attribute rules (maintain globalids)
  3. Then apply your edits as desired with the attribute rules
  4. Then zip up the file geodatabase with the feature class and features you want to update (only)
  5. Go to the ArcGIS Online Hosted Feature Layer and append to update the existing values based off the unique ID

Generally, when you are looking at imposing a complicated workaround to work with newer functionality, I think there are better options to achieve the desired outcome. If you can provide more context around why you need attribute rules or your workflows we may be able to provide better generally supported advice.

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Thanks for the reply. I want to use attribute rules to maintain good editing standards on hosted data that is seen as a 'master' data source.

I looked into using arcade in a form consumed in experience builder, but that really isn't a substitute for using Pro editing tools. But soon after I posted I think I found a solution that does work. I was able to set up the data to be used in a map that could be taken offline. In Pro when the web map is downloaded it puts the data in a local file geodatabase that I was able to add attribute rules to. Then I could sync my edits.

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