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01-11-2021 01:38 PM
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Is there a way to allow for multi user editing among a single shared Notebook in ArcGIS Online?

Currently I have a Notebook that is shared in a private group in my organization, and other users can view my Notebook, make changes, and only save-as. They do not have an option to save the existing shared Notebook after making changes. I would like other users to be able to edit the Notebook that I own, and overwrite the previous content, without having to save notebook as a separate document.

Is there a way to enable settings so that a user can edit an existing Notebook and overwrite the previous save (similar to how web maps and feature layers allow for non-owner editing)?

Likewise I would like to be able to edit other Notebooks that I am not the owner of, and be able to overwrite the previous save, without having to do a save-as.

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I was hoping that sharing a Notebook to a Shared Update group would do the trick, but alas, no. 

It would be nice if sharing a Notebook to a Shared Update group did enable multiple users to edit it. This would be helpful, even with the caveat of having to avoid multiple users simultaneously editing, as is the case for other item types, like StoryMaps, and Shared Update groups.

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Our team was also hoping to share a Notebook to a Shared Update group for collaboration. This functionality really would be a game changer, please run with this one ESRI!