No symbology - broken layer? ArcGIS Online

02-26-2021 05:08 AM
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I am putting together some maps for a storymap. I have inherited a lot of maps made in ArcGIS online and they're quite messy. A lot of layers piled on top of one another. I need to do a lot of cleaning to get just a couple of layers that I want. However, I have found that I cannot adjust the styles of those layers, and when I look I cannot find the layer files in the ArcGIS account that I have inherited.

I tried downloading the entire webmap file to ArcGIS Pro but when I do that, these layers don't even display.

I had a look in the overview tab in the item details and these layers have no hyperlinks. Is there a way of finding out where these layer files are being hosted?

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Check out AGO Assisstant. There you can choose "View an Item's JSON", and select the map(s) in question. Once you have the map's JSON loaded, you can look through the operationalLayers list to see where are the layers are coming from.



- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS