New Map Viewer - View Related data?

06-30-2021 12:31 PM
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When will it be possible to view related data in the New Map Viewer? In map viewer classic you just click on "Show Related Records" in the pop-up window and it opens the table view. (I would love the related records in the pop-up window, but that's another story).

I need to use the New Map Viewer because the map is for the Field Maps App that uses conditional visibility for some of my fields. But I can't use the New Map Viewer because I need to check the related records on my points. Interestingly enough I can view the related records in the actual Field Maps App. But I can't get the Field Maps App on a Dell Windows Tablet nor on my Windows desktop computer! ahh! Isn't that a fun circle? Do you have any other ideas for me? 

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Showing related records in pop ups is really essential for me too. @KellyGerrow , can you give us some information when/if this will be possible? Or is there a workaround with Arcade? I tried with the "FeatureSetBy"-Functions, but couldn't get satisfying results...

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 A year later it is still essential and not in the product sadly.

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