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New map viewer not retaining attribute editing settings from view layer.

06-14-2022 05:55 AM
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I am trying to create a map to allow some of my users to only edit 3 specific attributes of a feature class, but still allowing them to view the rest of them. I have created a view layer and configured the attributes as follows:


I have all layers set to display, but only the relevant fields set to edit. 

When, I open it in map viewer, however, it gives me full access to edit all fields and still saves them.


What is the proper workflow for configuring which attributes are editable in the new map viewer. I haven't seen anything in the settings for the layer and it doesn't adhere to what I have set up in the view layer. This process was much simpler in the classic map viewer. 


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You can use the form authoring in Map Viewer which is also honored in Field Maps


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