New data imported in BAO not reflected in ArcGIS layer, but shows in "Feature Service" under details. Why will the layer not update to show new imports?

10-02-2020 07:52 AM
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The ArcGIS Point Layers in the Layers does not update with newly imported data in BAO, but if you click on the Feature Service, they are reflected there.

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Hi Jo,

From the information provided we are unable to reproduce it on our end. Could you please provide a bit more information on

1.What type of file(Excel, Shapefile) you imported into BAO.

2. Did you save it as a point layer or create sites?

3. Have you experienced this issue before? 

Any additional information will help us resolve this issue!


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Hi Jo, It's been awhile since we last spoke.  I hope you are doing well.  

We are sorry that you are experiencing issues with the imported data not being reflected in the ArcGIS layer.  I am not sure what may be causing the problem.  Therefore, it would be better if a support case is entered so we can properly investigate and track the issue.  You can create the case yourself, or if you prefer, Peter Klingman will be pleased to enter one for you.  

We value your feedback, and it's always a pleasure to hear from you.  

Thank you for using Business Analyst and for being such a valued customer.

Best regards,


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