Distributed Collaboration - Open to Non-Members?

09-12-2020 09:29 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a newbie question. I need to provide some information on distributed collaboration and I am getting stuck on something.

If 2 AGOL sites participate in a collaboration, does that mean that members of the guest site can view the data from the host AGOL site without having an account on that site (and vice versa)?

My guess is yes, they can, or the collaboration wouldn't be very useful, but I can't get confirmation on this.

If this is documented, I'd appreciate a link. I  have not been able to find an answer to this particular questoin.

Thank you,

Randy McGregor

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My understanding of distributed collaboration (based on the on-line ESRI documentation) between AGOL and Portal(s) is that only one AGOL platform can be included, and it must be designated as the host.  AGOL to AGOL collaboration is not supported, but Portal (host) to Portal(s) (guest(s)) is supported.

Guests can view data from a host without having an account on the host site with share (Feature Layer) by copy  (unless a feature layer is shared by reference by the host, and it is made visible to Everyone).

Perhaps someone who works for ESRI can confirm this. 

by Anonymous User
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Thanks Stephen,

That is my suspicion. I think that the members in the guest portal/arcgis online can see the host account's data without a membership in the host arcgis online account or else collaboration would be pretty pointless. Why set up a collaboration to see data from an account you are a member of?

I think that the layers have to be shared as copies, because if they are referencing data in the host account's system, that is another level of security that needs to be dealt with. If they are shared with everyone, I think collaboration is not necessary?

Thanks for your input.


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