Moving all features from "MY Contents" to "My Organisation" in ArcGIS Online

04-26-2021 02:34 AM
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I am the administrator for my ESRI ArcGIS Online. I've started ot get new users becoming Admin and what I didn't realise that so far I've been publishing to "My Contents", and yes, all my users can see and use Web Maps etc. But the new Admin can not see the feature layers. 

I'd like to copy everything from "My Contents" to "My organization". 

I looked at the Ago Assistant, but I can't work it out. Please help. 

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What you need to do is share your feature layers with the organization. You can do this via the option 'share with'. 

The data owner (i.e. you in this case), always sees his or her data in my content. Everything that is shared with the organization, is visible under 'my organization'. 


If you don't want to share the data with the organization, you should configure groups and share the data in groups and invite users to join the groups. 

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You need to share the desired Feature Layers (or other desired content) with organization, in order to let others view the layers as well. In case the feature layers are meant to be viewed and accessed by Administrators only, then create a group and add the desired members. Share the content with the group. The members can see the content under My Groups > [Group Name].

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