Filter no longer working in Map Viewer

04-21-2021 01:02 PM
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Hi, one of my AGOL map layers, brought in from the Living Atlas, has stopped working after the recent update.  When I investigated further, it seems that the filter tool isn't working properly.  I can filter using a number of expressions, but as soon as I include a value containing the word 'and' the filter breaks (see screen shot below for example). 




The base map behind my app builder tool is here:

and the layer in question is 'Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI) by LSOA'.

Thanks for any help!




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Hi @HelenCooper I tried with a similar layer (I think you might be the owner) and was able to filter using your above expression:


Can you share your map with PeterK_ess so I can take a closer look at the layer in question? 



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Hi  @Anonymous User , thanks so much for looking at this and apologies for my delayed reply.  The filter has strangely started working again, without me changing anything!  So no need to look any further into it, but thanks again for your help.