Maps->AddLayerFromWeb referencing a csv file from onedrive fails

01-30-2022 11:51 AM
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We are using the Maps->AddLayerFromWeb referencing a csv file from onedrive and it fails with error

"The layer was not created because no locations could be found. Make sure your data has valid location information."

The URL's we are using shows the file correctly when pasted in a browser.

SharePoint and DropBox URL's produce the same results.

The csv file can be dropped into a map and works correctly so the file appears correct.  Latitude and longitude are provided.  Any ideas on what is failing?

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It happens with onedrive, dropbox and the like

Cannot add CSV layer from OneDrive to AGOL map. - Esri Community

If drop from there works, then you may have to use that approach.

I have never found the virtual "drives" a consistently safe place to add data from, I usually move to a local drive and add from there.

There are a number of links in the Community related specifically and tangentially to this issue.  The above link is only one example

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We finally got it working on One Drive by modifying the Files Embedded URL which looks like this "<iframe src="" width="98" height="120" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>"

I would agree that this is not a safe or robust way to do this. But this is for a prototype for proof of concept and would not be done this way in a production system.

Thanks for your response.

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