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Map viewing permissions

02-18-2022 01:39 AM
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Hi everyone 

I’m using our online ArcGIS account a lot these days to display basic data/boundaries etc. When sharing the maps there only appear to be two options: share with everyone (initially via a link but these maps are then visible in my Gallery for anyone who manages to navigate to it) or restrict to my organisation only (I presume this is only people with an account/license, i.e. only two people in our case).

For example, this map is available to everyone:

By clicking on About > More details… > kit_day > View all items anyone can see all the maps in my Gallery/content in my account (unless it’s not shared, presumably). So at the moment I can’t use this to generate maps with anything other than publicly available data, unless it is restricted to me and one other license holder.

Is there any way of changing this? Either by removing the ability for people to work their way back to my Gallery, or by being able to share with a wider group than just our license holders (e.g. anyone with a account).


Any help appreciated!



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In your ArcGIS Online portal you can go to Organization > Settings > Gallery and set the group with content you'd like to share. In your case you can try and share a group without content, so people who accidentally navigate to your gallery will see nothing. However you need more licenses if you'd like to share private data with more people. There are various ways to find layers that are shared publicly, via your REST services directory, ArcGIS Online content or the Living Atlas for example. 

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How about you create/share it as an application, rather than the webmap itself.

I created a basic application using your webmap. Check if that works for you or not.

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I just came across this: AGOL content public but not searchable - Esri Community

Maybe if enough people like/kudo it they will consider to develop this. 

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