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10-13-2021 09:28 AM
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Hi. Here are a few questions I have after using the new Map Viewer app. 

  • For popups, is there an html editor mode where one can write and edit the html directly? Not seeing it.
  • I found that when you apply effects to layers, it's not honored in the legend. Is this in the works for future release?
  • Filtering on layers: when you add multiple conditions, they are evaluated with an 'AND' operator and there is no way to specify 'OR'. So, its conditon 1 and conditon 2, whereas sometimes one might want to apply it like condition 1 or condition 2. It's kind of limited. Wondering if this is going to be enhanced for more flexibility.
  • Effects and blend modes applied to basemaps: this is cool. I used this article to create a cool highlighted area of interest for my map - The problem I'm noticing is that the effects are not persistent when an end user switches to a different basemap. All basemap effects are lost at that point. Is there a way to persist these settings to they remain in effect?


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- Popup html editor is on our roadmap hopefully coming in an update soon.

- Legend support for effects is planned for December

- You can switch to AND/OR using the dropdown on the filter panel "Match all or match at least one". This works on the entire expression or the set.

- basemaps have different layers we cannot persist the effects across but appreciate this feedback!




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