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Map and App shared | External users promted for password

06-05-2021 05:39 PM
New Contributor

I created a map and app for looking up power companies by address. Everything is functional, but anyone external (non esri user) trying to access the web app is prompted for a password. Anonymous access has veen enabled, and both the map and app has been set to "Everyone (public)". Am I missing something?

Web App


Also, is there a limit that maps and apps I create remain active and accessible if I do not apply for the paid service?




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It does seem to be an issue with your items in particular, as I can see the layers being loaded and can open the same data sources in other maps without issue.

Am I correct in assuming, based on your last sentence, that you're putting this together on a free trial AGOL org?

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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I am experiencing the same problem. I even tried to create a map using Esri free layers to rule out a problem with my layers and specific map. People are prompted to log in even using Esri free layer. If you find a solution please post.


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In your web map, go to base maps and turn off the "show developer base maps" button. I did that and all my applications became public and log-in required. Hope this helps.

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