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link to service

04-11-2023 07:54 PM
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Our case and target
At our system we are integrating with esri ,We have been implemented an export page that export data to esri inside a private layer .
We need to have a long live URL to be used to open a service when user choose option like  "Open within arcgis " from our system export list page . 

The url (https://<org><sID>) ... is the url on web which open the following page..



What we own 

We have  access token & refresh token and most of ArcGISIdentityManager info at our side for an integrated administrator user . And of course publish service data.

Does esri have that capability or feature as have  kind of url or append a specific token that can be generated to open that page without redirect user to login page or having Token expire error message inside the webpage

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