Link to local folder from Web Map Application

01-23-2020 12:13 AM
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Hi! Is there away to link to a local folder in a custom attribute display in ArcGis online web application? I tried to do this by using <a href ="link.."> text </a>. This worked in the web map, but when I tried to use the same link in the web map application it won't work. 

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Linking to a local folder in ArcGIS Online would have to begin with http:// or https://, so your local file would need to placed somewhere that has an Internet Information Services (IIS) installed. This can be configured on your local machine, however you most likely will want it to remain active all the time so having a web server would be recommended. Does that answer your question?  Thanks.

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Douglas, - Can the link actually link to a folder and not a document or pic inside the folder?  i.e. http://ntxxxxxx/Pictures/shortcut.lnk 

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