Link/Join feature collection (not hosted feature layer) to raster

09-09-2021 01:33 AM
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Hi all


Is there a way to link a CSV/Shapefile/Geodatabase etc. to a tile image layer via a popup, other than converting it to be a hosted feature layer? 

The reason is that a hosted feature layer consumes so many credits for large datasets that it really isn't viable/optimal and seems to be a great way for ESRI to make money off something that could be quite simple and seems to use similar storage capacity to Feature collections.

Basically, I have the Global Wind dataset that I am unable to create a popup for after uploading the raster as a tile layer (as ArcGIS Online does not allow an 'info' popup to be displayed from a pixel value) unless I generate a polygon hosted feature layer (or in my case, to simplify the data and try reduce the credit consumption, into a pixel point centroid) and link the Pop-up information to this layer. It seems like it should be like a simple table join, but I cannot determine how to do this.


Thanks for your help.

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