Line Symbology configured in ArcGIS Pro is not honored when sharing Feature layer in AGOL

09-20-2023 08:21 AM
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I have imported a line shp file in ArcGIS Pro 3.1.41883 and I applied complex symbology, for example Railroad, that is available in the ArcGIS 2D library. 
I shared the data to a web feature layer and I open the resulting Feature Layer (hosted) in the Map Viewer classic. The symbology is not honored. My line has no displayed as a solid line.  

This problem doesn't occur with simple Dash linestyle. 

Is it because more complex linestyles are not supported in the Map Viewer  classic?

Thanks in advance.

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Map Viewer Classic and other 3.x ArcGIS JSAPI apps like Web App Builder will not support complex vector symbology. Using Map Viewer, Experience Builder, Dashboards and Instant Apps will support these symbols.