Keep All Features after attribute join in ArcGIS Online

01-02-2019 03:46 PM
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In ArcGIS Online, I use the join feature tool to make statistics by linking two tables by attributes.

It works very well but target features without source features does not appear in the results.

I would like to keep the info that my target feature has no source feature corresponding, it's an info as valuable as non zero statistics.

This is possible in Desktop joins and I know that the tools work differently but how do I do if I need those 0 infos ?

Thanks in advance.


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Any updates on this issue?  Good point about needing the null information.  According to the documentation the ArcGIS Online version should perform the function of Add Join which in Pro/ArcMap the Keep All was the default.  "When joining tables, the default option is to keep all records."

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