Polygon layer does not draw correctly

03-31-2020 12:39 PM
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I have a hosted feature layer, polygons, that has close to 11,000 records in it. When zoomed in to the the layer in both the Web Map and Web Mapp application, the polygons draw and are symbolized correctly. When we zoom out, polygons "disappear" or do not draw correctly. I'm getting the orange warning dot that the layer did not correctly and to zoom to a smaller area. I've attached screen shots. 

I'm sure there's an easy answer, but I can't find it!! Any help would be appreciated!



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Hey Lisa Angstadt‌,

If you mouse over the orange warning dot you will see that ArcGIS Online is trying to pull in too many features. Its hard to put an exact number on how many features it can draw because it switches between snapshot mode to on demand mode. You can find out more information from these two blogs on how to display large amounts of data:



I would recommend that you create a boundary layer for the data that shows where the data is and then set zoom scales so that your polygons turn on as you zoom in.



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