ArcGIS Administrator API for Python not returning the full result *Error

12-17-2019 10:19 AM
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I am trying to run a python script in Jupyter notebook to get my organization users with last time login. It runs successfully, but I only get 8 users then it stopped and shows an error (Please see attached picture for error details.) Does anyone know why am getting this error? 

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Hi Yaser,

The API is now on version 1.8 - I'm interested are you still running into the error? I'm also wondering if it's a specific user that is causing the error, can you write a try/except clause to see if only a couple usernames fail?

Cross-posting to the ArcGIS API for Python‌ channel as well. 

Hope this helps,


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So you are assuming all users have logged in at least once?

What would happen to your print function if the lastlogin date is null?

I would split the calls and validate that dates returned are valid dates before printing. 

Good luck

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