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09-01-2020 05:42 AM
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Hi everyone,

please a trying to put in join a feature and one table in AGOL. In a feature I have 4 records and in table 7 records. So I trying to join one to many from a feature to table without success. 

There are another way ? I'd like connect the feature(buildings) with the table where I salve for each building more than one record. Each feature-building has an univocal number, that is repeat in the table.

Thanks a lot

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Thanks thaina mota
In order to better help you, can you please confirm that this is what you're trying to do:
  1. You have a feature layer with 4 records
  2. You have a table layer with 7 records
  3. You want to join the table records to the features, which will result in a feature layer
  4. You are using an attribute join and want to join one to many
Can you confirm that's accurate? If so - can you please tell me what the error is that you're seeing?
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