Is there a way to upload a saved symbology file (.qml) from QGIS and upload this into AGOL? I cant see any options?!

07-27-2021 08:49 AM
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I did not see .qml on the supported list:

Is there another format that could be exported that may be supported?

--- George T.
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I can also export the symbology from QGIS in .sld. Doesnt look like this is supported either?

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You can put it into a .zip archive and upload that, although you'll need to tell AGOL that the ZIP is a shapefile or GDB.

You may be better off opening the layer in an ArcGIS Desktop program and exporting a style file from there. If you just need to host the QML for others to access, consider using a more generalized file platform like dropbox, or even GitHub. AGOL is really meant for use with ESRI products.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Currently this is not supported. Are you using points lines or polygons symbols?

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