Is there a way to export shaded relief topo from ArcGIS OnLine to use offline in ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap?

02-18-2022 07:24 PM
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Hi Community Blog! I cannot always work online. But I need to create some maps using the shaded relief topo available in ArcGIS OnLine. Is there away to clip and export what I need from the desired map extents to be able to use offline?

And is there a way to be able to use this topo imagery without the auto-supplied labeling?

Thanks for any input!    Dave

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You could use World Hillshade (for Export) - Overview (

This layer is designed to support exporting small volumes of basemap tiles for offline use.  The content of this layer is equivalent to World Hillshade.  This layer portrays elevation as an artistic hillshade. The map is designed to be used as a backdrop for topographical, soil, hydro, landcover or other outdoor recreational maps.  See World Hillshade for more details.

The map service supporting this layer will enable you to export up to 150,000 tiles in a single request.  For estimation purposes, this is large enough to support the export of:

  • Large city (e.g. San Francisco) down to full level of detail at ~1:1,000 scale (Level 19)
  • Medium size state or province (e.g. Colorado) down to scale of ~1:36,000 (Level 14)
  • Medium to large country (e.g. Continental United States) down to scale of ~1:288,000 (Level 11)

This layer is not intended to be used to display live map tiles for use in a web map or web mapping application.  To display map tiles, please use World Hillshade.

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Hi Jayanta;   This sounds like it will really fit the bill for these
purposes. So, I am at the page in using the link for World
Hillshade (for Export) - Overview (

However, I don't find anything that explains how to actually export
tiles for offline use. And how to specify an area at those described
different scales of detail of ~1:1,000 or ~1:36,000.

On the upper right, I was able to open in ArcMap this layer and I get
the whole world. I can zoom into my area of interest, but I can't clip
out a useful version of the shaded topo. The defined source is still
needing to be actively online.

The link called "offline use in" sends me off to a page describing
building off line applications. Which gets rather cryptic as to what
might help.

I do have access to ArcGIS OnLine with an organizational name. Is that
different than an organizational subscription?



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Have you looked at taking the map offline from ArcGIS Pro?

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Hi Kory; Thanks much for this suggestion. I have taken a look at the
page link and want to give it a go, but just haven't had time yet. Soon.

I have ArcGIS Pro and am glad I went through the cartography MOOC a
while back. I will report back with results - hopefully to say a
solution has been found.

Sounds favorable.   Thanks;


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Hi Kory and Jayanta;  Many thanks for the help and I have made progress on this issue. Having finally figured out how to solve the cantankerous "Your account could not be used to authorize ArcGIS Pro because it is an ArcGIS Public Account" issue, I have had success in downloading World Hillshade layers for specified areas and to use offline. Turns out the download comes in two layers: a layer with shaded relief topo for the area specified and a culture feature layer for the same area. Both are useful.

Two further aspects derive out of working with this product:

1) These are not feature layers where one can edit - say, geoprocess clip a portion by another subarea boundary polygon. Are there options here to download or convert this info to an editable feature layer?

2) It appears the resolution of the hillshaded topo is probably 30 meters or so. Which is great for sizable enough areas. When working with a really small area, the topo is looking a bit cheesy and artificial. Are there additional sources of more detailed resolution - maybe of local origin - shaded topo relief available out there that can be downloaded and worked with offline is similar fashion.

The two new questions are an extension of this topic. So, I think the original question that started all of this can be considered answered.   


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