Is there a way to copy or clone a Web Map on the 'My Content' screen?

10-18-2016 02:27 PM
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We have a Web Map and web mapping application that we replicate every quarter with updated data sets. The web map has 850 layers in it (all point layers), so it takes a long time to go in and configure all the settings for each layer in the web map. Going through this process every quarter to replicate the web map using the new data that represents that quarter is time consuming. Is there a way that we can copy or clone an existing quarter's web map so that it retains the configuration settings, and then point the data source to the new quarter?

Thank you.  

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Hi Grady,

Is it necessary for you to keep the old web maps? If not, maybe you can look into ArcGIS Online Assistant to point the data source to the updated layers on the server.


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That's a great option if we could just over-write one of the existing maps, but unfortunately we need to keep each quarter's map. Thanks for the suggestion. 

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You should be able to copy the web map and then use the ArcGIS Online Assistant to update the urls for the data layers to the services of the new quarter.

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How do you copy a Web Map?  I am not finding that ability in AGOL.

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One way to copy a web map is to open it in Map Viewer and use the "save as" process to save a copy with a different name.