Is there a way to clear the filter in the web app builder filter widget?

06-29-2017 05:56 AM
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I have a web app builder application that uses the filter widget to filter on activities, facilities, or environmental setting. Once a filter is selected it any subsequent filters are added to it.  If the user forgets to remove a filter they may not get the expected results. Is there a way to set up a button to clear all the filters? The filter widget is very useful for my application except for this problem.  Any help or ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Elizabeth,

We deployed a Crime Map using Web App Builder and the filter widget and I have found two ways to do this and it all depends upon what you mean by clear the filter.

  1. Once you apply the filter, you can toggle it off and on by clicking the filter name within the Filter Widget pane.
  2. In our Crime Map, we have the ability to filter by crime which is looking to the field values in all of crimes. If we want to go back to viewing all crimes, I can just delete the text in the field for type of Crime and then click apply and all the crimes will appear again.
Greg Mattis, GISP
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Hi Greg,

Thanks for your response.  The application allows the user find place to access the coast.  It allows users to filter on various facilities and activities like picnic tables or bird watching. The filter can be cleared by toggling the filter on and off.  I was hoping to find a way for the user to clear all the filters at once so they could easily search for different locations rather than turning things on and off. 


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I agree, this is not user discoverable or intuitive. Too easy to forget it's on, too. It would be great if they would highlight the layer name in the layer list a color or something, or superimpose a badge on it, and simultaneously let you deactivate the filter from the layer list, perhaps a prompt from an on-hover.  Also, I noticed a bug. If you click a layer that's filtered it highlights it blue. OK, well I closed that. It says highlighted. Even after closing the attribute table and closing it in the attribute table. Only way, was to reopen it, then hit Clear Selection. If I close the layer in the layer list it should clear the filter, I think, or at least it should be by default, and perhaps programmable otherwise. I also agree it should have a Clear All Filters button. 

But it's fantastic, nice overall interface design. Also I wish you could use select from the top to bottom record to select all records but it appears if you have to scroll it forgets its place so you can't select hundreds of records that way. That's a plain attribute table thing but something else I noticed just know. This should work, and there should be a Select All. So that a user could export all records in the table, if it is a lot. And also to display them. Because one downside is the Filtered records don't show if there is scale dependency. Selection is an easy way to show them and would work for me, but you can't select more than a handful of records.

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We have this widget enabled and the toggling on/off of the widget does not clear the filter results nor does changing the value in the filter.  It seams you have one shot at getting the filter criteria right or you reload the app.  Clearly not an option

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Has anyone found a way to reset the filter values, i.e. set them to "null" other than refreshing the web/app page? 

Greg's comment about turning on and off the filter to return to his starting crime data set is only half of the equation. While turning off the filter, after making filter selections, does indeed return you to the starting data set, it does not clear any previously selected filter selections. Thus you are still not able to start filtering again from a "default" data set.

For example, in our shoreline access app, once we choose an option for Shoreline Type we are now stuck searching shoreline access locations for one type of Shoreline as we can not clear out (in other words, set the Shoreline Type filter box to null) the Shoreline Type filter to search all types of Shorelines plus any other filter options, of which we have 24 to choose from.

Thank you!

Dan Sereno

County of Maui

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I am also looking for a way to do this. Any thoughts or revelations on the subject?


Edit: Just found this on the ideas page -   For anyone who sees this, make sure to "up-vote" the idea!


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Has anyone tried the 'Reset Filter' button for the filter widget? This tool seems to do what you are asking of resetting all of the filters to the default values. You turn this on by going into the filter widget-->Scroll down-->Check the box "Enable reset filters (except custom)".  

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