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Is it possible to use maps for office to update (push changes to) one of the default web applications created on arcgisonline?

08-15-2014 03:34 PM
Occasional Contributor III

I'm wondering if a certain process is possible and am having a little trouble finding a clear answer.  I've used one of the default web mapping app templates (the recent "basic viewer") and loaded some points from csv to create a web mapping application on arcgisonline. 

Is it possible now for a non-GIS worker to open this data in Excel and use Maps for Office to modify the info/links in the popups and then have the web mapping app get updated with this new info?  This web mapping app is not hosted on our servers, but is on arcgisonline and I'm wondering if that somehow limits what we can do, what I'm reading vaguely defines what is possible when apps are hosted vs. not, it's a little confusing.  Seems like this should be pretty straightforward, I feel like I'm missing something fundamental here...thanks for any thoughts!

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