Is it possible to send a GET request using something like cURL in arcade to display images in label

08-04-2021 04:08 PM
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We have a few GIS dataset stored in amazon web server that was collected using our data collection system.

There is an API for the system that allows the use of cURL for requests. The api Key is stored in the header.

I am able to automatically upload and update the GIS dataset to ESRI online to have the latest version displayed (Either through the esri online notebook or through a python script that gets triggered every night and send the GET request through using cURL with the API).

The images associated with each record however does not currently get uploaded to ESRI (As there are a lot of records, over 37,000 and growing each day). I want to avoid uploading them as attachments if possible.

I'm wondering if there is a way to send GET requests using cURL in arcade to display images in the label associated with each record.



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