Is it possible to create sub layers from a parent feature layer in ArcGIS Online

01-17-2022 08:21 AM
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I have a parent feature layer in ArcGIS Online that I would like to share with multiple people. But I would like for them to update the Webmap with their information but only see what they have inputted or what is pertaining to them . Take note that the data already exist in the layer before sharing to others.

How can I create sublayers of the feature layer for each entity to update on their own but the information is also sync to the parent host feature layer? 

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I think what you're looking for is a "layer view". This is a subset of a feature layer that applies a filter. Perhaps you can make that filter be the user's name somehow?


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It seems that you are wanting to do more than simply share and possibly set filters or views on a feature.  You also want to allow others to edit, etc.  Have you started with this on Esri site?


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Hi @DenickaDaley , what you are talking about is called OBAC (ownership based access control). Here is one method of doing this, if the users that are planning to edit the data have ArcGIS Online accounts and if they have already created the attributes themselves that you need them to edit. Then you can follow the steps below. The settings are also shown in the screen shot below.  Otherwise, if the attributes were not created by the users that need to edit them - skip to step 6. 

1. Create a view layer with editing switched on under the item settings in ArcGIS Online.

2. Change the view layer setting 'what features can editors see' to 'editors can only see their own features (requires tracking). '

3. Change the view layer setting 'what features can editors edit '- 'to editors can only edit thier own features (requires feature tracking)'

5. Change the view layer setting to 'What acces do anonymous editors (not signed in) have?' to 'only add new features, if allowed above (requires feature tracking).' 
6. However, if the attributes are created by someone other then those users that need edit access for each feature then you will need to reassign them as the creator for the editor tracking to work by only showing them their own data when they open the layer in ArcGIS online. Because this 'creator' field is a locked field, you will need to use the ArcGIS Online API to unlock the field and change the creator - see this post here about updating the editor tracking data in a hosted feature layer
7. Another option would be to make a view layer with visualisation settings and edit access for each user type/group and limit access to these users only. 
Hope this helps. 
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