Is it possible to create a heat map using line layers?

10-19-2022 05:44 PM
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I'm trying to create a heat map (or heat map-esque) visual from some line layers I have, but the only information I've seen on creating heat maps is based on layers that use points as their symbology. 

I have 2 layers (screenshot) where I've currently made one of the lines thicker than the other so they're distinguishable. They both use a green-to-red color scale, and in the screenshot section of my dataset there is a red/yellow combination in one part, and a yellow/yellow combination in another part. I'm trying to make it so that the red/yellow combination is given more weight (i.e. heat in a heat map) than the yellow/yellow combination. Right now, I only have 2 layers, but I would be adding 2 -3 additional layers. 

Is it possible to create a heat map with the data I have and how would I go about it? 

Thank you!

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