Is it possible to copy (duplicate) a AGOL web application?

05-31-2017 06:00 AM
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I would like test a certain widget in a production AGOL application w/o affecting the production application itself.  Typically, in other development environments I would make a copy of the production application and that would become my development/testing application.  I do not see an easy way to copy (duplicate) a AGOL web application.  Am I missing something here?  How does one go about developing/enhancing an existing application that is in production w/o affecting the production application itself.  --- flummoxed @ FDOT

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Whoops!  Answered my own question.  To make a copy one can edit the application, change something, and select Save As.  Sorry for the spam.

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Hi Steve, I would just like to add to this thread if it is helpful to someone else. Saving a web app as a copy will still link the older map so, probably will need something else or manually changes to fix the linkage to the new map copy that one would be making with web application copy process. I also experienced broken links to dependencies with the app if the copy is from one user to another so, it didn't help me. 

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Thank you, thank you and thank you again! 😊

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