iPAD and adding layers to a map

02-02-2019 02:18 PM
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Is there a way to upload data from an iPAD into a GIS map?  My students use Google sheets.  I don't know of any conversion from google sheets to a csv file.  Any thoughts?

Thank you.

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Della, GoogleSheets can export files as a CSV. (Make sure the data are nice and "clean.") The problem comes in "to where are these being exported?" iPads don't have the same sort of file system interface you find on Macs, Windows PCs, Chromebooks, and Android devices. It's hard to have the same kind of "save the file to your Desktop, then drag and drop to the map" experience because of the nature of the iPad. Try saving the GoogleSheet as a CSV inside your GoogleDrive, then going to the CONTENTS window of your AGO Org and choosing to ADD (publish) the CSV into CONTENTS, then from there add to the map. It may feel more roundabout, but it's doable. If you discover (as often happens) that you need to make edits to the file, you need to do that back in the original GoogleSheet, save again (best to SAVEAS and use a new name), and add (publish) again.

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Thank you, Charlie.

I will walk my students through the operation you described above.  I just created a group for that class in AGOO.  I will let you know how things go.

PS  I have introduced my students to StoryMaps and started them thinking about a StoryMap.  They have read the 3 Middle School StoryMap Winners from last year's CalGeography StoryMap competition.  They did some analysis of the StoryMaps, so they would learn how to make a good map, in terms of content,  scope, template selection, cartography, etc.

They will be using iPADs.  I may be posting another question, if we run into any barriers.

It has been wet out here in southern California.  We welcome the rain, but hope people in the burn scar areas aren't hit by mudslides.  I hope you and yours are warm and well.

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