If Statement/ When Statement in Arcade

12-10-2020 03:10 PM
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Hi! I have added several layers to my map but want to change the values to 1-5 rather than having ranges such as 16-134, I have tried:

var density = $layer.Median
var ranking = When(density <=604 && density >= 605, '1',
density >=429 && density < 1604,'2',
density >= 278 && density <= 428, '3',
density >= 134 && density <= 278, '4',
density <16 && density >= 134, '5', 'na')

but recieve the error "Runtime Error: Cannot call member property on object of this type. Median"

I have also tried IIF statements but that also did not work. Any advice? thanks!

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The error indicates your problem is happening on the first line, so it doesn't really matter what you have after that line.

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Hi @LydiaBarnard ,


As @JoshuaBixby  mentioned, the problem is with using the median on a layer. 


From your question I am deducing that you want to change the symbology. Is that correct? If so, you don't have access to the $layer and the $layer does not have a median. For symbology, you only have access to the current feature and not all the features in the layer.

In the pop-up you can access the layer and do statistics on the layer, but there is no Median function. There is a Mean function: https://developers.arcgis.com/arcade/function-reference/math_functions/#mean