Hyperlink and Other Data in a Web App Pop Up

06-18-2020 08:27 AM
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I have a web app in ArcGIS online with the pop ups configured to display information from fields in a shapefile.  One of those fields is a piece of text that I'd like to turn into a hyperlink.  I know you can configure a pop up to have either a hyperlink or data from fields in a shapefile.  So is it possible to have both in one pop up?  I attached a photo as an example of what I currently have.  I'd like the Assessor's Map Page # (circled in red) to be a hyperlink and the rest of the pop up to stay the same.  Is that possible? 

Jessica Smith
Humboldt County Assessor's Office
Winnemucca, NV
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Hi Sylvia!  Here is a link to online documentation describing how to add a text field to your shapefile and format it for use as a hyperlink:
FAQ: Is it possible to add a hyperlink path to a field in ArcGIS Pro? 

Hope that helps!