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How to update Vector Tile Layer?

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07-08-2016 11:19 AM
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I have created a map for vector tiling in ArcGIS Pro using the directions here.

I was able to create a vector tile package quite easily in ArcPro, and upload the Vector Tile Package to ArcGIS Online, which also created the Vector Tile Layer at the time of upload.  It all works great!

I did notice that I had forgotten to label a feature class and wanted to rearrange a few layers.  I made the changes in the ArcPro project, re-ran the "Create Vector Tile Package" in ArcPro and "Updated" the revised Vector Tile Package in ArcGIS Online.  Everything was successful, except I do not see any way to update/re-publish the Vector Tile Layer that was created when I first uploaded the Vector Tile Package in ArcGIS Online.

I don't really want to delete the Vector Tile Package/Vector Tile Layer and re-upload everything, as this will consume additional credits.  Seems like there should be a way to update the Vector Tiles when you update the Vector Package? Am I missing something?


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Thanks to Patrick Demer‌ for updating this script so that it works for vector tile packages: 

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HI Kate,

There isn't an overwrite option available for Vector tile layers currently. To overwrite your layer, delete the already existing service, and the publish button will become enabled on your vector tile package item. You can then publish the item.

The publishing process doesn't consume credits, so you won't be charged for republishing the data. As the tiles were generated on your machine before uploading the vector tile package, you won't be charged for tile generation. If you upload a vector tile package with more data (increased amount of tiles), your resulting vector tile service may incur more storage charges, but this wouldn't be any different in the case of overwriting the service.

Let me know if you have any questions,


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After you delete and republish the Tile Layer, with the same name as before, will you have to re-add the layer to each map that the layer was originally on?



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Do you have an answer to Josh's questions?

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Hi Michael, 

You don't need to re-add the layer to the web map if the service name is the same. In the web map, we do record the item id, which will change if you republish the service, so there will be a mismatch in item IDs. Currently, this will have no effect on how the layer draws in the webmap, but is something to be aware of if you are looking at the webmap JSON.

Additionally, if you want to explore an automation option, you can look into trying to modify this script that updates tiled map services from tile packages which prevents the need to delete the service and republish: 

The same concept may work for VTPKs, but I haven't tested it out yet.


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Thanks to Patrick Demer‌ for updating this script so that it works for vector tile packages: 

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Do you know if it's possible to make this script work in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1? I've been trying to test it in Portal but can't find the equivalent update tile rest endpoint for the vector tile map service.

"https://<GIS Server URL>/webadaptor/rest/admin/services/host/<MyService>.VectorTileServer/update"

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Hi Kelly 

I am having the same issues as Hector. I can't seem to find the equivalent to 

"https://<GIS Server URL>/webadaptor/rest/admin/services/host/<MyService>.VectorTileServer/update" 

Please advise, will we have to try at 10.6 or 10.6.1 ??

Kind Regards


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Hi Kelly,

Im getting an error when i try to run the script. 

File "<string>", line 101
print update
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print(update)?

Im pretty amateurish with python so please forgive me if its something obvious. 

Can you assist?



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The script is written in python 2.7. You will either need to run the script in an old version of python, or update the print statements to a newer version.

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