How to syncronise field Domains (Value Lists) across multiple feature services

07-14-2021 09:00 PM
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So I'm sure this has to be possible, and I just haven't googled the correct terminology yet. We have a number of feature services for different field based tasks (served up through offline enabled webmaps in Field Maps) and many have a common feature which is to record the Field Officer name. We can't use the Creator or Editor fields as the data is created in the office by a planner, and is edited multiple times by different people. We want to record which Field Officer manages an operation over multiple operation types (thus multiple feature services). 

Unfortunately this means we have many lists of names that we have to update to add/remove people as they start/leave/move around the business. Is there a way to have a single list source that is replicated to/syncronsied with the Domains of specified fields and feature services?



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