How to snip off a portion of layer like ZIP or Census Blocks?

12-07-2020 01:49 PM
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It has been established that AGOL has access to some good boundary layers on the Living Atlas and other places.

How do I "snip a portion off" of these system layers?

Let's say I put on the ZIP layer, and I want to snip off just the ZIPs that are within some the city of Phoenix or the CBSA.

What is the workflow?  Every time I try to use an operation like "intersects" it doesn't do it?  I need to end up with a separate layer with just the stuff I want in it.  I want to display and enrich just the resultant features, not the whole thing.

Bonus question:  why does BAO have an ESRI 2020 pop layer, but AGOL only has ESRI 2020 pop density layer?

Thank You.


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Actually, I figured this out.  Using the "intersection" operator on the ZIPs with my other polygon works fine.   The result layer sadly does tack on the thing on the outside that share a line segment with my polygon. I didn't realize the reason I could edit this resultant polygon is that it was locked by default.  Unlock it, and snip away the odd ZIP that I don't need.  Very weird how intersection and "within" operators seem to be equivalent for polygon vs polygon operations.

What I was after was a good "clip to path" type operator. AGOL just doesn't have the full suite from Pro.

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