how to see what webmaps and apps are using an item (is it safe to delete?)

09-29-2021 06:44 AM
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How can we see where an item is being used, in ArcGIS Online? We have a dataset we want to delete, an old copy of roads as a hosted feature layer. What webmaps and apps is it being used in?  I suggested a similar idea for SDE several years ago. I am now wondering the same thing but for AGOL hosted feature layers. Is there a Notebook or tool? In the long run I would suggest adding a button right on the Item Details page to show a report. I'll create an Idea if none exists. Thanks!

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There's a free tool in the marketplace called Admin Tools that might help you out. It offers a lot of different functionality, but one of the things it does is allow you to view all of an items dependencies. You can select an item (like a webmap) and see all the items it uses (like layers) and all the items that use it (like webmaps).

Courtney Menikheim | Application Developer | @thecmenikheim
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