How to restrict one group to add features

03-17-2022 07:14 AM
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I have a hosted feature layer which I enabled adding features in the settings. This layer is used in many webmaps; each webmap is used by different groups on Field Maps. 

My question is: How can I give access to one group to modify and to add features on that layer on the map they use while I'd like another group to be able just to modify (not to add) on their map? Is it possible to restrict adding features on one layer for one group only or for some maps only?

Thank you!

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You could create two view layers - one for each user group (one with modify and add permissions, the other with just edit but not add permissions). Give both groups access to the map, and share the appropriate layer to the respective user group. Each group will only be able to view and use the layer shared with them. However, you will probably find that the users get a warning for the layers that aren't shared to them (something like: "Layer failed to load"). If this isn't suitable, then you may have to go down the route of having two separate maps - one for each user group, with their relevant layers.

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Thank for you answer!

This could be a solution, however, as we need re-create a feature layer view if we add a new field to the source layer, i would prefer not to use features layers view for editing.

We're creating a complete new interface for tree inspection + arboricultural work, so as it's in process and we're continually adding new possibilities, I do add new fields, so I'd prefer not to have to always re-create my editing layer and its form.

That's why I would like to give different access on one layer to different groups! 🙂

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