How to remove specific text from a label in ArcGIS Online?

05-26-2021 08:18 AM
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i created a raster layer in ArcGISPro with some advanced labelling and then shared it to ArcGISPortal  through which layer can be viewed on ArcGIS Online. Now when i open the layer in ArcGISOnline it displayes the labels as "ADVANCED LABELS -18" and so on. the layer can be viewed here:

P.s When i created the symbology on ArcGISPro, there was no such text behind the labels. 


How can i remove this text from the symbology/label of my layer? or is there any other alternative for assigning the symbology assigned to layer in ArcGISOnline 

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Any chance you ever figured out how to fix this issue? I am dealing with the same problem.

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