How to offset polygon boundaries in ArcGIS Online?

12-09-2022 01:15 PM
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I am writing to ask if anyone knows a way to offset polygon boundaries on ArcGIS online.

I digitized an old redline map on ArcGIS pro. I symbolized each zone with a color outline that represents their ranking. I need to see layers beneath it so there is no Fill. I offset the outlines of the polygons to keep them from overlapping. If they overlap it is hard to distinguish the zone ranking.

When I uploaded the layer to ArcGIS Online, the boundaries were no longer offset. I tried changing the layer layout settings but found no option to offset outlines. Although you can change the width. Anyone have any workarounds or know a solution?

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Layer in ArcGIS pro:



Layer in ArcGIS Online:



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When publishing from Pro uncheck this option for the web map sharing


The resulting web map will work in Map Viewer, Instant apps, Experience Builder, Dashboards and other apps that support complex symbols. Example apps that wont support this - Map Viewer Classic & Web AppBuilder


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