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How to fix a broken hosted view

04-10-2024 05:20 PM
Occasional Contributor III

We have a hosted feature layer view that is broken. We would like to fix it by updating the source layer, but that option is not available.

We see this message instead: "Could not access layer. Try again."

Sounds similar to this BUG-000156219 for ArcGIS Online (  

Is there any other way to update the source layer of a hosted feature layer view?  I have looked into AGO Assistant and GeoJobe Admin Tools but haven't found anything yet. 

When I view the item's JSON, I don't see anything that seems to define the item or definitions that the view is using.   Where is the Hosted View config data stored?


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Not sure if related but I am seeing multiple issues with hosted views today through the Update View process, including the error you note: "Error Could not access layer. Try again.". The Update View process is also hanging indefinitely.

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