How to find shaded relief topo for a specific area.

01-16-2022 02:36 PM
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I am trying  to find a source for shaded relief topography for a couple of specific areas. One is in the US and another is in Italy. Using either ArcMap 2.7 or Pro 2.6. I am assuming ArcGIS online is the right place to look. But, I get diverted down so many fruitless rabbitholes I've spent hours with no luck to even be able to add the desired basemap to a project. Just simple shaded relief topo without tons of labeling. Ideally, I want to add the basemap to a project as a layer as I rarely work and connect online as it is.

If I do a search in ArcGIS online I get thousands of listings of detailed esoteric topics that have nothing to do with simple topography base mapping. Apparently I am missing something really basic here. Help!


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