Infographic widget and Chart widget not reading data

09-26-2017 01:25 PM
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I am trying to use the Infographic or Chart widget on AGO to create a web app. I found that the widgets will only read data from one view, even all views are created from the same layer. And the widgets will not read in values from the layer either. These views are virtually identical except the fields used and I do not understand why the widgets would not work.

Has anyone had the same experience? 

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I had this problem too and I'm not sure if it would apply to your case but, I figured that the reason why certain fields weren't showing up was due to the fact that the values were not numeric. I think the infographic only acknowledges fields that are numeric.

I had a layer displaying many different fields and I wanted to tick off 5 fields and have it displayed as a line graph but, those fields could not be selected in the "Value fields". However, they did show up in the "Category field" so for sure it uploaded properly...

The only solution I found to this was to simply take the values I needed (so the five fields for the data and the date) and randomly assign coordinates to them on an Excel sheet. Then, in "My Content", I clicked on "Add Item" and uploaded the Excel sheet (saved as .csv). Then, on my Web Map, I added the layer to my map and launched the Web AppBuilder and there, I was able to tick off the five attributes I needed (they had numeric values attached to them on the Excel sheet whereas on the layer file, the data was written in a different manner). 

I know it's two years later but, I figured I could provide some insight?

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@JennyKuan Two more years later, this helped me, so thanks!

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