How to find ArcGIS Online item relating to an application client id

03-20-2019 09:29 PM
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I have a developer who has created a custom web application quite some time ago. They are able to give me the clientid that was registered in ArcGIS Online that the application uses to log in.

I want to find this item in ArcGIS Online to register it in the AppLauncher.

How can I find out the item id from just the clientid? Searching by the client id doesn't return anything, and I can't seem to find the item by trawling through content items.



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You can use the Registered App endpoint to perform this kind of reverse lookup.<client-id>?f=pjson&token=<token>  

The token is required and only the item owner or an organization administrator can perform this action.

Shameless plug... my company provides a free utility called Geocortex Item Manager that provides a friendly user interface for this.


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